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We Build HOMES, not Housing

Design and Build for Your Home

At Master Craft Builders Inc., we offer a range of services for many different types of design and build for your home. Our Farmington based team of carpenters is available to serve homeowners and build homes throughout the Four Corners area. We will create whatever our customers can dream up! Read through our services below, and be sure to contact us for more information or to request our craftsmanship today.

Southwest Style

Master Craft Builders Inc. builds classic, unique homes that are of the southwest style. These structures can be built as either one or two story, and includes the beautiful south-of-the-border characteristics that will make your home stand apart from the rest. The southwest style homes we build feature arched entryways, traditional masonry, decorative detailing, and patterned tilework throughout the interior, among many other custom options for you to choose from.


We are available to build the ranch home of your dreams! These single story homes feature extensive floor plans with all of the custom features and other aesthetics you desire. Our design team will provide a range of plans that allow you to decide where you want the living and sleeping wings to be. With the traditionally simple and open floor plan, ranch homes offer plenty of space for families of all sizes.

New Zero

Our newest addition to the services we offer include zero net energy homes. Master Craft Builders Inc. offers renewable energy sources, plug-ins for electric vehicles, and other zero energy concepts into the design of your custom home. These structures do not contribute as much greenhouse gas to the atmosphere, making this an environmentally friendly option for your home.

Traditional Stick Built

Stick built homes from Master Craft Builders Inc. are built entirely on-site. We are available to build full sized homes, mobile, and modular homes at the location of your choosing. These homes are built with top quality lumber and require the precise expertise of the professionals on our carpentry team.

Insulated Concrete Form Walls

Insulated concrete form, or ICF, is reinforced concrete that is created and installed with high quality thermal insulation. This insulation stays rigid and in place as a permanent interior and exterior barrier for the walls of the home or other structure. It can also be used in roofing if need be. ICF features interlocking squares that are packed without mortar, and then filled with concrete for reinforcement. This adds ultimate protection to your home, and will last for years to come!

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